Cover of Deukollectrum

Deukollectrum by David Mecklenburg

Published 7 September 2020


Cover of My Cock and I

My Cock and I by Adrian Sterling

Published 20 November 2019


Cover of Ghita: An Erotic Treasury Archival Edition Volume 2

In 1978, fresh off his run on Red Sonja, Frank Thorne went on to create the lusty warrior-goddess, Ghita. Originally published by Warren Publishing in 1984/1994. In 2017 Hermes Press published the initial volume "Frank Thorne's Ghita: An Erotic Treasury", scanned in colour from Frank's original artwork. Showcasing some of Frank's earliest Ghita artwork, including "Ghita of Alizarr," character designs, storyboards, portfolio plates, pin-ups, and covers. Now Ghita's Adventures Continue..........

Cover of Cloud No. 5

Cloud No. 5 by Shanice Wade

Published 6 January 2020


Cover of The Spider Garden

The Spider Garden by Michael Manning

Published 1 June 1993


Cover of Magenta 4

Magenta 4 by Celestino Pes and Nik Guerra

Published 8 July 2013


Cover of Inksplosion Volume 6

Inksplosion Volume 6 by Mike Hoffman

Published 11 December 2018


Cover of Ultimate Libido

Ultimate Libido by Tony Libido

Published 17 March 2009


Cover of Fragmentation

Fragmentation by Anil Cs Rao

Published 3 March 2019