Cover of Treasury of the Lost Litter Box

At the center of the Get Fuzzy mischief is Rob Wilco, a single, mild-mannered ad executive and guardian of Bucky and Satchel. Bucky is a temperamental cat who clearly wears the pants in their eccentric household, while Satchel is a gentle, sensitive pooch who struggles to remain neutral, almost guaranteeing he'll wind up on the receiving end of whatever trouble Bucky has cooked up.

Cover of The Little Book of Avengers

The Little Book of Avengers by Roy Thomas

Published 26 October 2017


Iron Man! Thor! The Hulk! Wasp! Ant-Man! These five iconic characters made their debut as the first incarnation of the most exciting super-team ever assembled in September 1963, in The Avengers No. 1. From Captain America to Black Panther to Beast and Mockingbird and She-Hulk, they gained and lost members, added former super villains to the team, and fought every threat imaginable-each one bigger than the last. From the West Coast to the Secret teams (not to mention the Dark and Young and Might...

Cover of Idp: 2043: a Graphic Novel

Ten major names in European comics and graphic novels collaborate on a single narrative--an environmentally-themed graphic novel in collaboration with the Edinburgh International Book Festival to mark its 30th anniversary. IDP (short for "internally displaced person or persons") imagines a Scotland 30 years in the future. The story, divided into six chapters, follows the catastrophic effects of a small rise in sea levels on the county's heavily populated low lying areas and how society reimagine...

Cover of The Best of "Battle"

The Best of "Battle" by John Cooper and Pat Mills

Published 25 September 2009


A product of the same keen editorial minds that revolutionised British comics with Action and 2000 AD, "Battle" is the greatest British war comic ever published!Now, episodes of "Battle's" most famous and acclaimed stories are reprinted in this value-packed bumper volume! Over 300 pages of relentless action are collected here, from the desperate dogfights of Johnny Red to the down-and-dirty Rat Pack, the reflective, critically acclaimed Charley's War and the uncompromising Hellman of Hammer Forc...

Cover of Kevin Eastman's Roninbebop

Kevin Eastman's Roninbebop by Simon Bisley

Published 28 November 2017


Cover of Harker

Harker by Roger Gibson

Published 31 December 2014


DCI Harker's seaside holiday in the Northern British town of Whitby is ruined when he witnesses the murder of a well-known mystery novelist. Bloody murder, a chase across the moors and wry, cutting humor all combine in this love letter to classic British detective TV series. Written by Roger Gibson and illustrated by Vince Danks, Harker takes police investigation to a true heart of darkness.

Cover of The Adventures of Superfish and His Superfishal Friends

"I was the only one rooting for the shark in Jaws," author Jim Toomey. Sherman's Lagoon is a fantasy place situated somewhere in the tropics. It's inhabited by a motley crew of sea creatures, whose marine lives suspiciously mirror our own. Through his comic strip, cartoonist Jim Toomey explores many of the issues that we face daily in our world on dry land. His characters attempt new business ventures, go on disastrous dates, try fad diets, and read the latest best-selling books. Sherman's La...

Cover of Christmas Classics

"Ghosts, cowboys & killer dolls! Seven classic stories and poems to make your holiday season brighter" -- p. [4] of cover.

Cover of Private Stash

Private Stash

Published August 2006


Cover of A Castle in England

A Castle in England by Jamie Rhodes and Various

Published 1 May 2017


Recreating the castle's past from the Medieval to the Edwardian ages, five rising stars from the UK comics scene (Isaac Lenkiewicz, Briony May Smith, William Exley, Becky Palmer and Isabel Greenberg) have illustrated five short stories that mix fiction with fact, creating a visually striking graphic collection that is steeped in historical context.

Cover of Sober


Published 16 September 2015


Cover of Pearls Hogs the Road

The Pearls gang returns with characteristically misanthropic humor (but with more leather): no self-aggrandizing is too flagrant for Rat, no subject is too erudite for Goat, and no sensory input is too basic for Pig. All topics are fair game for Stephan Pastis and his brass-knuckle punch lines. Comic strip censors, apathetic baristas, and IRS employees are all strongly advised to laugh or get out of the way. Pearls Hogs the Road also features three comic strips illustrated by the legendary Bill...