The Incredible Adventures of Freddie Fixit

by M.E.B.M. Kirwin

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Book cover for The Incredible Adventures of Freddie Fixit

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Our story begins in the pretty and remote village of Elfington, surrounded by a vast forest of ancient trees, set in the hollow of an enormous and long extinct volcano.

Freddie Fountain, is a happy-go-lucky 10 year old boy with blond hair and bright blue eyes, who lives in the idyllic village of Elfington. Because he is always ready to help and fix problems for his friends, family and the villagers, they call him, FREDDIE FIXIT.

When Freddie's not helping people, he can be found exploring the forest 'his forest' as he calls it, where he spends many happy hours.

One day a chance discovery draws Freddie into a world of long forgotten magic and mystery. His journey leads him into dangerous, mystical and magical adventures where his very life is at risk.

Freddie becomes involved in a prophesy made by the Five Great Wizards that ruled the land of Enchantica more than a thousand years ago. He is pulled into a world that he never imagined could possibly exist. He becomes instrumental in the vanquishing of invading ancient inter-dimensional and supernatural monsters bent on destroying his world, but he needs the help of a powerful wizard that lived a very long time ago.

Follow Freddie Fixit on his incredible adventures, feel joy in his success, share in his tears, watch as he achieves the impossible and be in awe of the power of magic.

  • ISBN13 9781803819280
  • Publish Date 11 July 2024
  • Publish Status Active
  • Publish Country GB
  • Imprint Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd
  • Format Paperback
  • Pages 600
  • Language English