Cats Who Changed the World: 50 cats who altered history, inspired literature... or ruined everything

by Dan Jones

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The cat-tastic companion to Dogs Who Changed the World.

50 awe-inspiring stories of cats who have altered history, inspired art and literature, reunited lost lovers, saved lives, or just ruined everything. These inspiring, humorous, heart-breaking, or just plain weird stories reveal why cats have earned their place as our weirdest, most endearing companions, and how our fascination with them is age-old. Along the way you'll meet Felicette, the first moggy in space; Unsinkable Sam, a sea-faring feline; Tama, the railway cat who saved a community; and Snowball, the crime-solving cat.

Cats Who Changed the World celebrates the unique relationship we have with our feline best friends, from contemporary times to all throughout history.

  • ISBN10 1914317890
  • ISBN13 9781914317897
  • Publish Date 13 April 2023
  • Publish Status Forthcoming
  • Publish Country GB
  • Publisher Welbeck Publishing Group
  • Imprint OH Editions
  • Format eBook
  • Pages 160
  • Language English