Starving for Love

by T.C. Littles

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Book cover for Starving for Love

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A spoiled rich girl falls for one of the most notorious thugs in Detroit. Will she give up everything, including the successful future her parents had planned for her?

Raised in one of the few well-to-do areas left in metro Detroit, Morgan was spoiled by her parents with the most lavish life they could afford. They placed her on a pedestal of greatness. With dreams of her becoming a top-tier businesswoman working in the newly revised Downtown Detroit district, her parents were shocked when their daughter ran off with Javon Bates, one of the most dangerous thugs in the city. He’s better known as Always Making Paper.
Intrigued by danger, attracted to the thrill, and feenin' for life in the fast lane, Morgan gives up everything she's ever known to go on a ride of her life with Javon. Drugs, love, heartbreak, and scandal—will they break the good girl turned bad? Or will Morgan and Javon’s relationship stand the test of time?
  • ISBN10 1645564312
  • ISBN13 9781645564317
  • Publish Date 27 December 2022
  • Publish Status Forthcoming
  • Publish Country US
  • Imprint Urban Renaissance