The Moorcock Library: Elric: Bane of the Black Sword (The Michael Moorcock Library)

by Roy Thomas

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Book cover for The Moorcock Library: Elric: Bane of the Black Sword

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A stunning comic book adaptation of the classic Elric: Bane of the Black Sword novel by Michael Moorcock. This is the fifth book in the bestselling fantasy series.

The Bane of the Black Sword is the fifth volume in the saga of Elric, the albino sorcerer who wields the terrible, soul-eating magical sword, STORMBRINGER. This book is a comic adaptation of the collected, interconnected, five novellas of the original novel. The first four stories 'Old Wounds', 'Three Kings in Darkness', 'The King Beneath the Hill' and the 'Flame Bringers' tell of the continuing, eternal struggle of Elric against the elder gods of chaos as Elric finally brings Stormbringer home and finds peace at last in the arms of his true love Zarozinia. Meanwhile in the last story, 'To Rescue Tanelorn', Elric's friend Rackhir the Red must travel through the five gates to seek aid from the Grey Lords in an effort to save the besieged city of Tanelorn from a horde of unimaginable evil.
  • ISBN10 1787736199
  • ISBN13 9781787736191
  • Publish Date 12 July 2022
  • Publish Status Active
  • Publish Country GB
  • Publisher Titan Books Ltd
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