Shadows Beneath [Dramatized Adaptation]: The Writing Excuses Anthology

by Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Dan Wells

Eric Messner (Narrator), Scott McCormick (Narrator), Colleen Delany (Narrator), Dylan Lynch (Narrator), Shanta Parasuraman (Narrator), Nick Depinto (Narrator), Patrick Bussink (Narrator), Jeff Allin (Narrator), Chris Davenport (Narrator), Kimberly Gilbert (Narrator), Nanette Savard (Narrator), Bill Gillett (Narrator), Lise Bruneau (Narrator), Mort Shelby (Narrator), Dawn Ursula (Narrator), Scott Graham (Narrator), Richard Rohan (Narrator), Yasmin Tuazon (Narrator), Tim Getman (Narrator), Michael John Casey (Narrator), Thomas Penny (Narrator), David Jourdan (Narrator), James Lewis (Narrator), Deidra Starnes (Narrator), Andy Brownstein (Narrator), Evan Casey (Narrator), A Full Cast (Narrator), Thomas Keegan (Narrator), Christopher Graybill (Narrator), Lily Beacon (Narrator), Ken Jackson (Narrator), Chris Genebach (Narrator), Paul Reisman (Narrator), Terence Aselford (Narrator), Steve Wannall (Narrator), Gregory Linington (Narrator), Bob Payne (Narrator), Michael Glenn (Narrator), Dani Stoller (Narrator), James Konicek (Narrator), Todd Scofield (Narrator), and Rose Elizabeth Supan (Narrator)

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  • ISBN13 9798200817528
  • Publish Date 3 June 2020
  • Publish Status Active
  • Imprint Graphic Audio
  • Edition Adapted ed.
  • Format Audiobook (MP3)
  • Duration 10 hours and 25 minutes
  • Language English