Marvel-Verse: Hawkeye

by Jeff Parker, Mark Gruenwald, David Michelinie, and Kelly Thompson

Steve Scott, Ronan Cliquet, Greg LaRocque, Stefano Raffaele, Jeff Parker (Script Writer), and Arthur Adams (Cover Designer)

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Book cover for Marvel-Verse: Hawkeye

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Hawkeye is the best shot in the entire Marvel-Verse — watch him hit the bull’s-eye in these action-packed adventures! Hawkeye proves his worth to the Avengers in a battle with the Masters of Evil and shares a team-up with Iron Man when the Mad Thinker wreaks havoc! Clint Barton’s past collides with his future in his momentous first meeting with Mockingbird! But will the Avenging Archer and Ant-Man be enough to tackle the Taskmaster? We bet you one tiny super hero on a speeding arrow they will! And on an island of sharpshooters, Clint is joined by his fellow Hawkeye — the wonderful Kate Bishop — for an intergenerational battle for survival! Collecting MARVEL ADVENTURES THE AVENGERS #16, HAWKEYE (1983) #1, AVENGERS (1963) #223, GENERATIONS: HAWKEYE & HAWKEYE and material from MARVEL ADVENTURES SUPER HEROES (2010) #17.
  • ISBN10 1302932144
  • ISBN13 9781302932145
  • Publish Date 26 October 2021
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  • Out of Print 2 April 2024
  • Publish Country US
  • Imprint Marvel Comics