Aliens Omnibus Vol. 1

by Mark Verheiden, Mike Richardson, John Arcudi, Jerry Prosser, Steve Bissette, and Steven Grant

Mark A Nelson (Illustrator), Den Beauvais (Illustrator), Sam Keith (Illustrator), Damon Willis (Illustrator), Sam Kieth (Illustrator), John Arcudi (Script Writer), Dave Dorman (Illustrator), and Greg Land (Cover Designer)

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Book cover for Aliens Omnibus Vol. 1

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As Marvel prepares for a xenomorph invasion, rediscover the comic book legacy of ALIENS! Familiar faces star in tales that expand on the movie mythos! As Hicks and Newt undertake a dangerous mission to destroy the creatures' homeworld, a deadly outbreak leaves Earth overrun with aliens! Billionaire Daniel Grant sets his sights on an alien queen, and scientist Stanislaw Mayakovsky must retrieve the galaxy's most precious substance: alien royal jelly! But can even Earth's finest fighting force, the Colonial Marines, hold off the most frightening and relentless creatures in all of film? Collecting ALIENS (1988) #1-6; ALIENS (1989) #1-4; ALIENS, EARTH WAR #1-4; ALIENS, GENOCIDE #1-4; ALIENS, HIVE #1-4; ALIENS, TRIBES #1; ALIENS, NEWT'S TALE #1-2; ALIEN 3 #1-3 and ALIENS, SPACE MARINES #1-12 - plus material from DARK HORSE INSIDER (1989) #14-27 and DARK HORSE PRESENTS (1986) #24, #42-43, #56 and FIFTH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL.
  • ISBN10 1302928155
  • ISBN13 9781302928155
  • Publish Date 18 May 2021
  • Publish Status Active
  • Publish Country US
  • Imprint Marvel Comics