Star Wars - Empire (Star Wars)

by Scott Allie, Ryan Benjamin, and Curtis Arnold

Ryan Benjamin (Illustrator) and Curtis Arnold (Illustrator)

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Book cover for Star Wars - Empire

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Before the events of Star Wars: A New Hope, as the Death Star is readied for its first mission, a cabal of Grand Moffs and Imperial Officers embark on a dangerous mission to assassinate Emperor Palatine and Darth Vader and seize control of the Empire. When word reaches Vader that a Jedi has made an appearance on a backwater world, the cabal makes its move. Their plans are further complicated by the actions of the bounty hunter Boba Fett. And, of course, they may have underestimated the cunning of their primary target: Emperor Palatine. This is the first of a new line of graphic novels set during the early days of the Rebellion, when the Empire controlled the galaxy.
  • ISBN13 9781840236552
  • Publish Date 1 August 2003
  • Publish Status Out of Print
  • Out of Print 15 April 2021
  • Publish Country GB
  • Imprint Titan Books Ltd
  • Format Paperback
  • Pages 104
  • Language English