The Banks Sisters Complete

by Nikki Turner

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Death, deception, and the surprise introduction of a long-lost family member keep the drama on full blast in the pages of The Banks Sisters Complete by urban fiction susperstar Nikki Turner.

Meet the Banks sisters--Mona, Bunny, Tallhya, and Ginger. One of the only things they have in common is their love for their beloved grandmother, Me-Ma. When tragedy strikes and Me-Ma has a heart attack at church, the sisters are shocked to discover that she left the house and all her money to the church. Now the pastor wants them out, unless they can come up with the money to buy the house from him. To make matters worse, Bunny already owes over a hundred thousand dollars to a very dangerous man.
The sisters devise a plan that could have them rolling in plenty of dough--as long as they can stay one step ahead of law enforcement that's on the lookout for a group of female bank robbers who have burst onto the scene. Things become even more complicated when their mother shows up, threatening to snitch them out if they don't give her a cut, and Pastor Cassius Street refuses to follow through on his promise to return the house to them.
The situation becomes a bloody mess, and now the sisters must band together in ways they never thought possible as they deal with a growing mountain of problems. Only time will tell if these sisters can stay one step ahead of the circumstances they unwittingly create.
  • ISBN10 1622866436
  • ISBN13 9781622866434
  • Publish Date 27 March 2018
  • Publish Status Active
  • Publish Country US
  • Imprint Urban Books