Chloe & Co.: Has Anyone Seen My Love Life?

by Gray Jolliffe

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Book cover for Chloe & Co.

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A compilation of the funniest cartoons from the much-loved Chloe & Co. Specially selected by Gray Joliffe, Chloe & Co features many of his best laugh-out-loud cartoons.

Featuring Chloe, Angela and their friends, Chloe & Co enjoys a reputation for being uniquely naughty for a national daily newspaper. Now in its twentieth year, Chloe & Co appears each day in the Daily Mail and is syndicated worldwide.

CHLOE, twenty something, bachelor girl, party girl, is more interested in 'Mr Right now' than looking for Mr Right. A money-motivated shopaholic, she likes expensive restaurants and drinking bubbly in bars with her girlfriends, loves being a man magnet and thinks cooking is a town in China.

ANGELA, on the other hand, is intelligent, insecure, and usually into diets and fads which never work. Her self-obsession and over-sensitivity get in the way of her finding love with a nice man, and she resents Chloe getting more than her fair share of food and fellas. Angela's love life has gone missing.
  • ISBN10 1445662981
  • ISBN13 9781445662985
  • Publish Date 15 September 2016
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