by Curtis Parkinson

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Book cover for Storm-blast

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Shortlisted for the 2005-2006 Red Cedar Book Award, Fiction

Selected by the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association as one of the PSLA YA Top Forty Fiction Titles 2003

The prospect of spending summer vacation sailing in the Grenadines with his cousin Matt and his older sister Carol wasn’t an appealing one for Regan. His cousin and sister have little time for him, and the three young people never get along. Regan seems to lose every argument.

Then disaster strikes – the kids find themselves adrift on a dinghy with no food and little water, facing a furious tropical storm and voracious sharks. Their survival will depend on their resourcefulness and the work they accomplish together.

Storm-Blast is a white-knuckle tale full of adventure and courage.
  • ISBN10 0887766307
  • ISBN13 9780887766305
  • Publish Date 13 May 2003 (first published 1 May 2003)
  • Publish Status Active
  • Publish Country CA
  • Imprint Tundra Books