Life Style French Style: All You Need to Know About Making a Home in France

by Elizabeth Morgan

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This is not just another book about France. It's different. It's based on twenty five years of experience and six house moves. It's Elizabeth Morgan's second book on France for the virgin house buyer - the one she wishes she'd read twenty years ago; it would have saved her moving so many times. It sets out as many aspects of French life as she can think of, and helps you decide where to live - or where to move to. And it's laced with amusing personal anecdotes, friends' anecdotes and tales both cautionary and heart warming. It will take you several steps further along the road to the perfect marriage. Because it is a marriage: of you, the house and your surroundings, which all add up to a particular life style, one that has to be absolutely right for you. Elizabeth's book will give a clear picture of life in various parts of France, the upsides and downsides, with ten comparative regional surveys. And there are interviews with estate agents and Brits who live there part or full time.

Contents: * Finding your own French home and life style* Transferring funds or taking out a French mortgage* Getting planning permission* Finding a workforce or doing it yourself* Where to find new or second-hand furniture* The cost of living, from utilities to taxes* The French language - the polite bits, the naughty bits and the wicked faux pas* The top twenty cities to live in

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  • ISBN13 9781905862092
  • Publish Date 27 April 2007
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  • Out of Print 5 March 2021
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