The Via Francigena Canterbury to Rome - Part 1: Canterbury to the Great St Bernard Pass

by Alison Raju

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Book cover for The Via Francigena Canterbury to Rome - Part 1

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This comprehensive guidebook covers the first half of the Via Francigena - a 1900km pilgrim route that crosses Europe from Canterbury to Rome. This volume describes the walk from its start in Canterbury, to the halfway point of the route at the Great St Bernard Pass on the Swiss-Italian border. From Canterbury, the book splits the pilgrimage into six sections (with further start points in Calais, Arras, Reims, Besancon and Lausanne). All six start points are places where pilgrims can easily reach or leave the route by means of public transport, should they wish to tackle the journey in shorter stages. Taking an average of three months to complete on foot, pilgrims have been undertaking the Via Francigena since the 8th century, and it is one of Europe's great pilgrimages. Illustrated with clear, original sketch maps and colour photographs, the step-by-step route description also includes detailed information about historical sites and all facilities available along the way. Relatively flat sections in northern France, full of historical and cultural resonance from great and ancient cathedrals to the battlefields and cemeteries of two world wars, give way to the mountainous Jura and a strenuous passage over the Alps, via the Great St Bernard Pass, all passing through villages and towns with interesting churches and religious monuments.

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  • Publish Date 13 September 2011
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