Classic After-dinner Sports Tales

Jonathan Rice and Mike Gatting (Introduction)

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Following on from the hugely successful Best After-Dinner Sports Tales, yet more rousing and rib-tickling stories from the after-dinner speaking circuit, from some of the biggest names in sport as well as well-known celebrities from the world of entertainment. The book will begin with the cricket world, with stories from Australia, West Indies, South Africa, NZ and the sub-continent, before going on to cover many other sports, with a plethora of contributions from the world of rugby, football, golf, racing and athletics. Alongside some the biggest names in sport, there will be other celebrities regaling the reader of their favourite anecdotes, including Tim Rice, David Frost, Mark Nicholas and well-established Lord's Taverners like Richard Stilgoe, Ronnie Corbett, Christopher Martin-Jenkins and Rory Bremner. Never before has such a wide range of talent from the worlds of sport and entertainment come together in such striking form. Their stories will provide a richly entertaining read for all the family, male and female, young and old, from the armchair viewer to the active participant.
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  • Publish Date 20 September 2004
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  • Out of Print 18 June 2008
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