Advanced Conversational Ericksonian Hypnosis Skills: Selected Works

by Dan Jones

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A Collection of selected works focusing on Advanced Conversational, Indirect, Covert, Ericksonian Hypnosis techniques & skills taken from 'Learn Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy From Beginner to Mastery: Becoming A Brief Therapist Special Edition The Complete Works Vol I-IV' Learn how hypnosis works. Learn to recognise everyday trance states in people and use everyday situations to hypnotize. Learn about different types of hypnotic inductions and how to do all of them, including 'conversational covert inductions', 'direct hypnosis', 'metaphorical/embedded meaning inductions', 'pattern interrupt inductions', 'confusion inductions' and 'naturalistic inductions'. Learn how to give post hypnotic suggestions that work and how to do 'failure free hypnosis'. Also learn all the most powerful and important hypnotic langauge patterns, how to hypnotise with your breathing, how to do rapid inductions & read a full annotated transcript of conversational hypnosis in action.
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  • Publish Date 8 December 2011 (first published 26 October 2011)
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