Born in London and the first of three, Rogba was raised across both London and Lagos, Nigeria. He is a descendant of John Augustus Otunba-Payne; the noted lawyer, writer and murdered prince of the Ijebu-Ode royal family. Rogba first began writing while studying law at university - where the shapes of the characters in his debut, 'the Dance of Shadows', first took form.

He is particularly interested in the deep-rooted beliefs, myths and stories that underpin culture and the beautiful lies that often inspire them.

Now a lawyer, living in Lagos, he is most alive writing speculative fiction that examines issues of power, prejudice and spirituality.

Rogba studied law in England before returning to Nigeria, where he found employment at a corporate law firm. There he worked his way up to a Senior Counsel before leaving to start his own practice with three like-minded peers. At the same time, Rogba actively pursued a literary career.