Linn Frances enjoys people of all ages, animals, nature, and the arts. Most of the time she'shappy and peaceful, however it wasn't easy. She had a traumatic past with a constantbarrage of hardships and adversity that was interwoven with kindness and miracles. She had tolook deep into her life to overcome what she had gone through. She is, and hopefully alwayswill be, learning from her most important and difficult education - the school of life.

One day while meditating, a fantasy fiction unfolded which became Primal Power- The Unripe Apple, a spirit quest fantasy series. They've combined both a mystical world with a practical one and flavoured with her learnings. The reader becomes intrigued and connected to an adventurous journey while getting a glimpse of her yesterday's world. Perhaps they'll see a bit of their own story. Maybe even find a little healing from the past or a bit of magic as there are hidden gifts throughout.

If you're reading this, she's honoured that you've taken the time to do so. She'll be trulyhonoured if you take the next step and read the series and turn the pages into another realm. If you find something that helps you find peace, you've given her a gift. If you find a bit of wisdom it would be really nice if you took a few moments and wrote a sentence or two to let her know. Thank you for being you!