Ten-year-old Flynn still has trouble coming to terms with the bushfire that killed his parents five years ago. His older sister, Alex, and brother, Hood, care for him, but he constantly finds himself in detention at his new school in zO. Flynn already has a reputation as a kid with a half-decent temper. Everyone at school knows he's the new kid who kicks rubbish bin lids farther than anyone else. But he's no match for the group of bullies, led by Spike, who threaten to damage his sister's shop if he doesn't follow their demands. When their dare costs Flynn his coveted spot on the Dragons football team, little does he know the dangerous chain of events it will set off and how his bravery leads him to the best friend he'd never imagined. Set in the fantasy world of human-like koala creatures called Gruntz, this book for middle readers follows Flynn's journey in search of home.
Dec 10, 2019
Cover of Gruntz