In college, Barry Libin was a science and history major, aware of the irony that science led to the future and history to the past. Those interests remained with him after he retired from dentistry and pharmaceutical research, especially his interest in history. Aware that "History in school can be quite dry", he began embedding history within a good story to more effectively teach the lesson. His first book, THE MYSTERY OF THE MILTON MANUSCRIPT, Urim 2014) is based on John Milton's great epic poem, Paradise Lost. His second novel, THE VATICAN'S VAULT (Sunbury Press, 2018), is a mystery that introduces the reader to the search for the great Temple Treasure of King Solomon.Libin has expanded his literary interests to drama, musical theatre, and composing. The Red Mutation is Libin's third novel. Filled with the suspense and drama of his previous works, Libin combines his knowledge of science, history and current political conditions to tell a tale that makes it hard to differentiate between what is real and what is fiction.A graduate of the University of Rochester, Libin majored in history and biochemistry, and studied writing at Hofstra University and the University of Iowa.Libin wrote the libretto, score and lyrics to the musical, THE FIFTIETH FLOOR! His play, 'The Triangle', is a drama of The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and his newest play, The St. Louis, tells the story of the ship filled with Jewish passengers in 1939 and was denied entry to every port but back to Nazi Germany.Barry Libin lives in Florida.