Brian Corley is the praised YA author of Space Throne and Ghost Bully as well as the upcoming new release GILM!. He is also a songwriter and musician in the well-received rock band, The Mars McClanes, who have been recording for twenty-one years and are based in Portland.Not all authors can say that their novel started out as a song lyric, but for Brian, that's exactly what happened. GILM!, his contemporary YA magical realism novel, is currently being released in conjunction with a new song of the same name, a collaboration with his band. What began as a writing exercise trying to find a word that rhymes with film, ended as a circuitous creative journey that spawned an energetic rock song and the kernel of an idea to write a thrilling fantasy story about a new kid trying to impress a girl.Brian believes a great story is a good mixture of emotion and craft, something you can tell someone poured their heart into. For him, there's nothing like someone telling you what a passage or a lyric means to them. He hopes his stories evoke an emotion in his YA readers that stays with them long after the book is closed.A member of the SFWA (Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association), Brian has received high praise from Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, and BookLife, among others, for his novels. He lives in Portland, Oregon, with his amazing dog, Brisket.
Feb 12, 2024
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Hold Your Fire

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Space Throne

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