Moud Adel is an Egyptian author who-at the time of publishing this book-lives in France. His mother tongue is Arabic, and his daily language is French. Yet, he insists on writing his fantasy stories in English, using Arabic only when writing poems. When asked about why he doesn't write in Arabic, which has come up a few times, his answer is always the same because he can express himself better in English. However, on separate occasions, he can also be found debating the beauty of the Arabic language and how rich with words it is. He claims that every emotion can be better described in Arabic for the sole reason that his birth language has more word variations that touch on every feeling. Confronted by his contradiction, Moud claims that both answers are correct. He says that his home language, while indeed rich with words, is better suited for reaching into his own heart. That when it comes to fantasy, Arabic becomes more of a cliche and makes his words feel more like satire. And since he loves fantasy with every ounce in his soul, he will accept only what does it justice.