Becky Cloonan, Michael Conrad, Stephanie Williams, and Vita Ayala is an American comic book artist and creator known for her manga-influenced artwork. She is best known for her second collaboration with Wood, DEMO. In 2009 Cloonan and Wood expanded DEMO and re-published it through DC Comics' Vertigo imprint. Her other work for DC Comics includes AMERICAN VIRGIN, co-created with writer Steven T. Seagle, and NORTHLANDERS for Vertigo as well as issues of BATMAN and SWAMP THING.
Michael Conrad has written for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and ComiXology Originals. Some of his work includes: Wonder Woman, Batgirls, Action Comics, and more!
Stephanie Williams is a comic book historian and pop culture critic for notable publications such as The A.V. Club, Nerdist, Den of Geek, and Rotten Tomatoes. Stephanie is also a comic creator with three ongoing webcomics, and made her Marvel debut with a short story featuring Monica Rambeau in Marvel’s Voices: Legacy. She recently made her DC Comics debut in Wonder Woman Black and Gold #2 and is co-writing the Nubia and the Amazons miniseries.

Vita Ayala is a trans non-binary Afro-Puerto Rican writer born and bred in New York City. Vita writes both comics and prose fiction, and has written for publishers such as: Black Mask Studios, DC (comics), Dynamite, IDW, Image Comics, Macmillan, Marvel Comics, Realm, Valiant, and Vault Comics. Vita currently resides in New York City with their wife and cat sons.