Sarah Lotz and Louis Greenberg met in a pub while bunking a crime seminar and, as one does at pubs, discovered a mutual interest in horror. Sarah, a crime novelist and screenwriter, was a die-hard zombie fanatic; Louis, a literary writer, editor and recovering bookseller, had studied vampire and apocalyptic fiction. Rejecting their initial plans for a vampire-vs-zombie faceoff, they decided to write the first mainstream South African horror novel together and S.L. Grey was born.
Aug 9, 2021
Cover of In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight

Jul 28, 2016
Cover of The Apartment

The Apartment

Jul 16, 2015
Cover of Under Ground

Under Ground

Jan 1, 2013
Cover of The New Girl

The New Girl

Jun 1, 2012
Cover of The Ward

The Ward

Jan 1, 2011
Cover of The Mall

The Mall