As a child, Kathleen grew up believing in fairy tales, in magic spells and wishing wells. She loves how those fairy tales can transport one from a moment of despair to a moment of hope and love. That is her desire in writing romantic tales, that the readers can find solace and comfort in her writings, when they are able to find an emotional connection with the characters in the stories. Kathleen often adds in different flavor into her stories, such as creating a high drama with exciting twists and turns, with excitement and intense moments in the plot or a suspense thriller with a romantic twist. Occasionally, Kathleen likes to bring her readers to a paranormal experience weaved with the sweetness in romance. Yet at the end of all her story-telling, there is always a 'Happy ever after' ending. This coincides with her belief that in this current world we are living in, there is a great need of giving hope and reinstating that belief of love in the many hearts of people.