Peter Bergting (born January 23, 1970) is a Swedish author of fantasy, science fiction, and horror. Bergting has published six young adult novels and three graphic novels as well as numerous short stories and editorials in Swedish and English. In collaboration with others, Peter is the author and/or co-author of more than 50 books including 20 graphic novels. Peter is published in the US, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Finland, France, Germany, Denmark, and Italy.
It all began almost 30 years ago with a couple of illustrations for the magazine Sinkadus. Peter worked exclusively for roleplaying games for close to a decade for Target Games, FASA Corporation, Paizo Publishing and White Wolf to name but a few. He has delivered artwork for more than 40 consecutive issues of Dungeon Magazine, art for Vampire, Mage and Werewolf, Iron Crown Enterprises, Steve Jackson Games, Mutant Chronicles and many more totalling hundreds of books and games.
In 2006, Peter released The Portent, his first graphic novel as author and artist, beginning a new chapter in his career.
Collaborations over the years include graphic novels with Alexander Irvine, Jens Lapidus, Richard Morgan, Clive Barker, and Joe R. Lansdale. His four most recent graphic novels with Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden, Baltimore: The Witch of Harju, The Cult of the Red King, Empty Graves, The Red Kingdom, and Joe Golem: The Conjurors, are all published by Dark Horse Comics.
In addition, Peter has provided numerous children's and fantasy books with covers and interior artwork from Philip Pullman and J.R.R Tolkien to Astrid Lindgren and Frank Frazetta.