I printed a copy of my resume to remind myself of where I've been over the many years since childhood. Following my "Ticket to Ride, the Promise of America," I was encouraged by many to write the sequel. In order to write a memoir, the author must relive it, then write about it. Well, I've done enough of that in my original "Ticket to Ride." I explained, "I would rather leave the sequel and the related episodes for another day. My years working on the waterfront in E. Boston and renovating buildings throughout the Greater Boston area were difficult years. I'll tackle the sequel later in life. So I responded to a Boston Grub Street writer's challenge. What emerged was this "Chesapeake Station." I remember reading about the science of space and space travel when I was in my early teens. Even today, when I look up at the star systems and galaxies on a cloudless night, my imagination takes me to far-away places, beyond the Milky Way. Going through my resume, I'm reminded of the wonderful fourteen years I spent teaching sixth grade students at the Cole School in Norwell, Massachusetts. I was to teach math and science, but that was not all I taught. I loved working with these young adults and I can say without hesitation, I made learning fun. Those were enriching years for me. I resigned my tenured position to go into business, and later run for public office, State Senate and U.S. Congress. I'm retired now and married to Brenda. We have two remarkable children and three (likewise remarkable) grandchildren. Writing is my new career. Publisher (Seawall Books, Inc.) and author, wwwdonhussey.com. I hope you enjoy my characters, and the ride into the future.