Marie Bilodeau is an Ottawa-based author and storyteller. Her speculative fiction has won several awards, been translated into French (Les Éditions Alire) and Chinese (SF World), and appeared in publications such as Analog Science Fiction and Fact and Amazing Stories. For the past several years, she's co-chaired Ottawa's local sci-fi lit con, Can*Con. Marie is also a storyteller who has told stories at venerable venues such as the National Arts Centre, tasty destinations like tea shops, and shiny spots such as under disco balls. Find out more at
Sep 30, 2022
Cover of Nigh


Oct 15, 2021
Cover of Princess of Light

Princess of Light

Jun 30, 2021
Cover of Hell Bound

Hell Bound

Apr 30, 2021
Cover of Hell Bent

Hell Bent

Apr 30, 2021
Cover of Hell Born

Hell Born

Oct 21, 2015
Cover of Nigh - Book 2

Nigh - Book 2

Feb 19, 2015
Cover of Nigh - Book 1

Nigh - Book 1

Jan 31, 2014
Cover of Destiny's War

Destiny's War

Mar 26, 2012
Cover of Destiny's Fall

Destiny's Fall

Jul 25, 2010
Cover of Destiny's Blood

Destiny's Blood