Mark Cameron has travelled a long and varied road to authorship. After a twenty-year career in the software industry, Mark left the tech sector in 2011 and turned his attention toward his lifelong passion for the written word. During his journey to self-acceptance as a writer, Mark has dabbled in various and sundry work-like practices in an attempt to pretend he has a real job-including business and technical consulting; book design; publishing; experiential tourism; and managing a co-working office. He has also reignited his commitment to community by volunteering with a car co-operative, a seniors village, an Art Farm (yes, really), and the many activities that his kids take an interest in. Mark lives on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia with his wife, Sheila, and two homeschooled teenagers. 17 Weddings is his second book. His debut novel, Goodnight Sunshine, was longlisted for the inaugural Whistler Independent Book Awards in 2016.