Hey! I'm Kristi. I write romances that will tug your heartstrings and laugh out loud mysteries. In all my stories you'll fall in love with the cast of characters, they'll become old, fun friends. My one hope is that I create stories that satisfy any of your book cravings and provide that minication you deserve. When I'm not writing I'm spinning (riding a stationary bike- I'm obsessed with having smaller calves. Mine Are HUGE- and not in a good way, ya'll), repurposing Happy Planners, or drinking a London Fog (hot tea with frothy milk). I'm the mom of 2 and a milspouse (retired). We live in the Pacific Northwest and are under-prepared if one of the volcanoes erupts. Here are 3 things about me: - I lived on the outskirts of an active volcano (Mt.Etna) - A spider bit me and it laid eggs in my arm (my kids don't know that story yet) - I grew up in Central Florida and have skied in lakes with gators. I'd love to get to know you better. Join my Read & Relax community and then fire off an email and tell me 3 things about you! Not ready to join? Email me below or follow me at one of the links below. Thanks for popping by! You can connect with Kristi at any of the following: www.kristirose.net kristi@kristirose.net