3: Am Kisses

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Book #1: 3

Cover of Winter Kisses

Book #2: Winter Kisses

Cover of Sugar Kisses

Book #3: Sugar Kisses

Cover of Whiskey Kisses

Book #4: Whiskey Kisses

3: Am Kisses, Hollow Brook

Burning Through Gravity


Cover of Ethereal

Book #1: Ethereal

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Book #2: Tremble

Cover of Burn

Book #3: Burn

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Book #4: Wicked

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Book #5: Vex

Celestra Forever After

The Countenance

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Book #1: Ephemeral

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Book #2: Evanescent

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Book #3: Entropy

Country Cottage Mysteries

Cruising Through Midlife: Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries

Escape to Breakers Beach

Escape to Lake Loveless

Lake Loveless

Meow for Murder

Murder in the Mix

The Social Experiment

Someone to Love

A Totally '80s Romance

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Book #1: Melt with You

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Book #2: Tainted Love

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Book #3: Hold Me Now