Book 1

Cruel Fae

by Renae Wright

Published 27 April 2023

Fae tore my world apart. Now they threaten to ruin me once and for all.

Wielders of magic.


Cruel, Vindictive fae.

The fae are the reason I run from the Arillian Guard that seeks to punish me. They are the monsters who destroyed my family and threaten my life. Because of them, I am called a traitor.

My world is one of brutality, loss and death. Love is the last thing on my mind as I struggle to survive.

I am wary of them from the start. An elite male who burns with passion and an ice-cold fae who promises me nothing but pain. They threaten everything I hold dear.

The cruel fae-I despise them with my entire being, but they may just be my salvation.

Set in another world, this epic fantasy romance is a compelling adventure that delves into the dark, gritty and magical sides of love. Our heroin has multiple love interests, so you never have to choose.