Book 1

Parallel Worlds

by Lyn Willmott

Published 25 August 2021

Although set in the remote Kimberley ranges of northern Australia, this story centers on an ancient kingdom, slightly offset from Earth’s frequency, struggling to deal with a prophecy that predicts the coming of a young earthling whose mission is to realign the two realities before the coming planetary upheavals.

Rod Oaken is the teenager who accidently stumbles into this hidden realm, and through a series of adventures he learns how to communicate telepathically with nature, he comes to understand the mysteries of this remote but very advanced kingdom, and eventually he accepts his vital role in the time-honored prophesies.

This is the first book of the Beyond All Boundaries trilogy that takes us from northern Australia into present-day Sydney and eventually to a mystical underground city that holds the key to the future.

Book 2

United Worlds

by Lyn Willmott

Published 25 November 2021

As the story continues, friends of the missing archaeologist and his son discover the mythical kingdom hidden deep in the Kimberley ranges. After many skirmishes, they are finally convinced by the oracle to help Chaldee―the ruler of the kingdom―find a professor who is developing a powerful healing substance aimed at helping mankind. Governmental forces want to suppress this scientific discovery, so the clash of ideologies as Chaldee and her earthling friends find, then transport the professor to safety is gripping. They film their entire adventure, but as it is being broadcast the authorities try to shut down the television station. These high-level officials will not heed the oracle’s warnings of a coming planetary disaster, so Chaldee and her friends withdraw, returning to her sovereign domain in the wilds of northern Australia.