Book 1


by Solber Martinez

Published 14 July 2021

In this exciting work of fiction, orphan siblings David and Jay Dijenuk find themselves away from the comfort of Earth after a cursed tomb is opened before them, and they end up on another planet called Elektia. They soon discover their hidden magical potential and the power of their nearly wiped family. It is up to them, along with three other prophesized companions, to bring back the magic robbed from the Elektians. But Jay knows there's more to this world. She knows about the lies.

"Within" is a must-read novel filled with complex characters that drive the story and the fascinating world of the Under the Stone Arch series.

David, athletic, kind, and naive, seeks to avenge his biological family as well as save his current one. His natural abilities take him far, as does his upbeat, do-good nature. But, in a world like Elektia, the shadows of deceit only take advantage of him.

Jay, dangerously intelligent, arrogant, and ruthless, underwent a dramatic personality change after a party-gone-wrong and a mysterious ambulance call several months ago. Now, she wants to crack the mystery to serve her own ambitions.

Elfekot, the group's leader, frequently bored and blunt, finds himself in an unfortunate position. He's part of the prophecy, and he's the only adult member in a group of inexperienced kids. Despite that, he may have goals of his own.

Angela, brazen, pious, and obsessed, has been hoping that the prophecy would happen during her lifetime, and here she is as a part of it. Seeking glory and adventure, she will make the absolute most of this apocalyptic situation.

Clove, timid, insecure, and remarkably observant, is surprised to find herself as both a part of the prophecy and another set of brains for the group. Her past holds a terrible secret, however, and the only person she can trust is perhaps the most untrustworthy person in all Elektia.


by Solber Martinez

Published 23 September 2022