Volpone Glory

by Nick Kyme

Published 15 September 2022


by Steve Lyons

Published 8 December 2022

Fabius Bile: The Omnibus

by Josh Reynolds

Published 1 September 2022

Eisenhorn: The Omnibus

by Dan Abnett

Published 10 November 2022
Discover one of the most well known Black Library characters, Gregor Eisenhorn, in this great value omnibus.

In the grim far future, the Inquisition moves amongst mankind like an avenging shadow, striking down daemons, aliens and heretics with uncompromising ruthlessness. Written by Gaunt's Ghosts creator, Dan Abnett, this volume charts the career of Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn as he changes from being a zealous upholder of the truth to collaborating with the very powers he once swore to destroy. Part detective story, part interplanetary Epic, this omnibus brings together the novels Xenos, Malleus, Hereticus and The Magos, as well as four short stories.

The Victory: Part Two

by Dan Abnett

Published 8 December 2022

The Wraithbone Phoenix

by Alec Worley

Published 1 September 2022

Assassinorum: Kingmaker

by Robert Rath

Published 19 January 2023

The Rose at War

by Danie Ware

Published 13 April 2023
Fantastic collection of stories featuring the stoic warriors of the Adepta Sororitas from Danie Ware.

The Adepta Sororitas. The Sisters of Battle. Daughters of the Emperor, warriors of the Ecclesiarchy, they face and slay His foes across the depth and breadth of the galaxy.

Sister Superior Augusta Santorus, veteran and commander of the Order of the Bloody Rose, is a shining beacon of hope against the unending darkness. As she leads her squad in a brutal war against the alien and the heretic, her Sisters will explore a ruined cathedral to find an ancient evil, follow a maddened inquisitor pursuing the trickeries of a witch, and join a full combat force of their fellow Sororitas to foil the plans of the Dark Mechanicum.

From the jungles of Lautis to the creaking steel heights of the Lycheate forge world, one thing is certain: through bolter, blade and hymnal, Augusta will purge the enemies of mankind, and none will escape her wrath.

This collection contains the novellas The Bloodied Rose, Wreck and Ruin and The Rose in Anger, along with six short stories.


by John French

Published 30 March 2023
Ahriman returns in the captivating story as he continues to fix his past mistakes.

Doom has come upon the Thousand Sons. Born from the Rubric, a curse of fire and dust stalks them across time and space. The spirits of the Rubricae are vanishing from the prisons of their armour, while living sorcerers take their place one by one. Driven by the need to save his Legion and find redemption, Ahzek Ahriman seeks the time-altering technology of the forgotten necrons to overwrite the past. Shadowed by aeldari harlequins and with secrets and divisions spreading through his forces, he must find a new path to salvation before all becomes dust.

Awesome collection of stories centred around the infamous Ultramarine; Cato Sicarius.

Explore the history of the Dark Angels in this great value omnibus.


'Angels of Darkness' by Gav Thorpe
'The Purging of Kadillus' by Gav Thorpe
'Azrael' by Gav Thorpe
'Azrael: Protector of Secrets' by C Z Dunn
'The Eye of Ezekiel' by C Z Dunn
'Dark Vengeance' by C Z Dunn
'Easy Prey' by C Z Dunn
'Malediction' by C Z Dunn

Ancient are the stories of the Dark Angels. The warriors of this clandestine Chapter hold to secrets as readily as they do their swords, the shame of ages past following them into the Dark Millennium.

Their ranks are replete with heroes. Legends tell of Supreme Grand Master Azrael, Keeper of the Truth and bearer of the Lion Helm; Ezekiel, Chief Librarian and wielder of potent warp-magic; and Balthasar, heroic sergeant of the Fifth Company, to name but a few.

In war zones the length and breadth of the galaxy, the Dark Angels fight for the Emperor, for atonement and for the greater glory of the Imperium.

This omnibus edition includes four novels, one novella and several short stories by two of Black Library’s finest authors.

The Dark City

by Chris Wraight

Published 13 April 2023

Renegades: Harrowmaster

by Mike Brooks

Published 20 July 2023


by George Mann

Published 20 July 2023

Rites of Passage

by Mike Brooks

Published 19 March 2020

The death of Lord Azariel, head of the Navigator House Brobantis, draws his widow into a dark world of ritual killings and cult murders, while larger plans are at work and entire worlds are threatened…

Delve into the murky politics of the Navigator houses with a novel packed full of murder, conspiracy and warp-borne threats.

Lord Azariel, Head of the Navigator House Brobantis is dead. His widow and murderer, the Lady Chettamandey, stands to inherit his power and influence. Her plans for ascension are curtailed when she’s drawn into a dark world of ritual killings and cult murders, with planets being dragged into the warp seemingly at a whim, the threat to Chettamandey’s legacy is dire, and only she can avert potential disaster.