Cover of Death in Deming

Death in Deming by Alex Frew

Published 31 January 2019

When 'Dangerous' Dan Tucker is asked to go to Deming, he looks on it as another routine case he doesn't want to do. He's forced to go there by Harvey Whitehill, US Marshall of Grant County, to help clean out a few bad men who have taken over the town for their own ends. His visit to the town is prompted by one need: money. He will do the job and retire from a life in which he knows he will end up dead. His suspicions about the town are confirmed when the murders begin. Who is the man known as W...

Cover of Revenge Riders

Revenge Riders by Alex Frew

Published 30 September 2019

Hawk had Indian forebears, but lived the life of a peaceful rancher. Until, that is, the bandits came. With his wife dead and his son gone, kidnapped and beyond finding, Hawk returns to the ways of his people. He goes hunting, only this time he is hunting for the hardest game of all - the evil men who have committed the attack. Along with the men who have worked for him for most of his life, Hawk finds out that a member of his wife's family has conspired against him, but who is the mysterious gi...

Cover of The Hunted Four

The Hunted Four by Alex Frew

Published 23 October 2017

When Walter Watters - aka 'Wattie' - finds out that the hiding place of gold from a major robbery is known to another, he's instantly on the trail. As the sheriff of a small town, he knows that he has to uphold the law. But the two million dollars in solid gold is a tempting sum. Soon he has to go into an area known as The Wilderness, riding through the monsoon with his companions to where their prize awaits. But can he trust them? Worse than that, he is being tracked by a ruthless ex-convict...

Cover of Law Killers

Law Killers by Alex Frew

Published 28 June 2019

John Carter is on top of the world as the sheriff in Destiny, one of the most law-abiding towns in the south-western states. But almost from the arrival of Rebecca Seymour, the attractive, temperamental Pinkerton agent, he is in trouble. Now he's a target for unknown assailants who want him injured - or dead - and they're not too fussy about their methods. Fleeing for his life, Carter goes from the jaws of danger into the maw of even more peril when he ends up in the clutches of the Sullivan cla...

Cover of Greenville Raiders

Greenville Raiders by Alex Frew

Published 31 March 2020

While Sheriff Flint is out of town, bandits strike. Only they have came at the wrong time and do not get the haul they expected, leaving behind a trail of destruction. They not only destroy property, but injure three people badly enough to alter the course of their lives. When Flint comes back from his trip to another town, he is faced with a deadly situation. When a beautiful woman and her elderly father get involved, Flint thinks at first that they are a liability, especially when he discovers...

Cover of Deception Point

Deception Point by Alex Frew

Published 23 November 2020

When the going gets tough the men who are being hunted turn into the hunters. A young man is suspected of a crime that he denies, but he has a secret that can't be revealed. He has nothing to do with those who want to kill, but young Wheeler has a secret that will turn not just his world upside down if it is revealed but that of other people. One of them is Betsy, young daughter of the Brand household, keeping a simple guest house catering for cowboys and travellers in the territory of Wyom...