Book 1

Ayrshire Murders

by E R Dillon

Published 20 August 2014
Kyle Shaw, a Scotsman by birth and a lawman by trade, returns to the lowlands in 1297 -- a time when
all of Scotland stands on the brink of rebellion against English domination.
Kyle discovers that his estranged father apparently had some connection with the English soldiers
who loot and plunder the Scottish countryside at will. While Kyle seeks to thwart the raiders,
someone begins murdering English soldiers from a nearby garrison one at a time and mutilating their
The Ayrshire Murders is an historical mystery set in an age of rudimentary forensics and political
intrigues, in a land where a kinsman may act as blood avenger against those who perpetrate violence
against a family member.

Book 2

Threefold Death

by E R Dillon

Published 20 July 2016

Book 3