Book 1

The Legend Of LIONMAN

by Eric O'Neal

Published 26 May 2016
The LIONMAN series is the first ever series of graphic novels to include multicultural heroes . LIONMAN's super powers come from his genius level of knowledge and superhuman training. The first installment in this exciting series, The Legend of LIONMAN recounts the story of Ojo and the Beginning. Thousands of years ago, the first LIONMAN kept the Order of the Universe. Sintor was sent to destroy all seeds of the first LIONMAN. Ojo and the Seven Elder Lions are hiding the last seed of the first LIONMAN and discussing his coming. They find a longshoreman whose spirit matches that of the first LIONMAN who finds a woman in the projects and fathers a child with her. A graphic novel with a positive message, The Legend of LIONMAN is sure to resonate with young readers.

Book 2

LIONMAN has completed the first seven years of his training and mission, and now it's time for phase two. Sintor has unleashed his evilness and is taking over the world with drugs, crime, alcohol, disrespect, and lack of education. Sintor and the BushiKais are causing sadness, despair, and hopelessness everywhere they go. Sent by Ojo to find the seven KURODOS and prepare them to fight for Universal Peace, LIONMAN brings each KURODO back to the Pyramid and reveals to them who they really are. Now LIONMAN must train all seven KURODOS and give them the knowledge the seven Elder Lions gave him. While each of the KURODOS masters a different style of martial arts, LIONMAN teaches each one a different discipline: one masters all the languages of the world, another learns everything about mathematics, another becomes a scientist, and so on. The seven KURODOS train for seven years, just as LIONMAN did, and the journey continues ...