Book 1

Ashta the Lion Tamer

by Morena Stamm

Published 9 September 2019

Names are power.
The girl knew this.
Now she is Ashta.

Sold into slavery to the kingdom of Tripsia, Ashta chooses to train to be a highly prized guard. A part of the White Lionesses. But she must give up any hope of love. When selected as a personal guard she must learn to balance her sworn duty to protect her charge and want for a life outside of the slave system.

All goes well until she is forced to travel with her charge to the Kingdom of Naankdoen. There she is confronted by her past and must make a decision. Will she give up her life and a chance at love? Or will she protect the ruler of the kingdom that enslaved her?

Book 2

Svetlana the Last Princess

by Morena Stamm

Published 1 September 2020

Kings are strong.
Queens are stronger.
And heirs outlive them.

Trained to be a highly prized guard, part of the White Lionesses, and the personal guard of Princess Carien, Ashta has failed to protect those most important to her. Watching one of her fellow guards be publicly killed, her heart has hardened. Now Ashta is stripped of her position and used as a bargaining chip between two Kingdoms.

As she tries to stop the war from coming to Tripsia, she begins to uncover the truth of her past. Will she accept who she was born to be? Or will she protect princess Carien at all costs?

Book 3

Darkling The Broken Slave

by Morena Stamm

Published 1 August 2021

Born a princess.
Made a warrior.
Always a slave.

Three kings war while their heirs watch from behind gilded cages. A prisoner of war, Ashta has nowhere to go. Forced to watch her father and his armies march to Trian, she must become who she has always been too afraid to be. But Ashta is too late to save those who had saved her from the wrath of kings.

Now Ashta must make a choice. Serve—and die—as the slave she had been trained to be? Or fight as the queen she almost was?