Big by Casey Cox

Big (99 Daddies, #2)

by Casey Cox

Big: (adjective)
Large, as in size, height, width, or amount.
See also: Nick "Big Boy Energy" Macklin.

A Daddy who has everything money can buy...
Except the one boy he can’t have.

You’ve never met a boy like Nick Macklin. He’s an enigma, wrapped in warm cinnamon pastry, wearing a belly-exposing tank top. He’s two hundred and forty pounds of confident, cocky, curvy yumminess.

He’s proud of his body and proud to be a big boy. He’s also loud, unfiltered, loyal, and fiercely independent. In other words, everything smart, successful, sexy silver fox Daddy Steel Crawford has ever wanted in a boy.

There’s just one problem: Nick thinks Steel’s a jerk.

One of those guys that can get what he wants, simply because he’s a man with the means to afford it. Steel might be a self-made man, and able to catch Nick’s eye—but that doesn’t guarantee he’ll automatically be able to capture Nick’s heart.

Even if he is a super successful lawyer who runs his own law firm.
Even if he is as kind as he is rich, and a genuinely decent guy.
Even if his light blue eyes, silver mane, and sculpted body have earned him the title of one of Daylesford’s Most Eligible Daddies...three years running

Steel is a Daddy who can buy anything he wants, but will Nick be the one thing he can’t have?

Big is a Daddy-lite enemies-to-lovers gay romance featuring a one-in-a-million big boy being pursued by a sexy silver fox Daddy.

Come along for the ride and enjoy some crazy/sexy/cool shenanigans including: sexy go-go dancers, erotic cake-sitting, a scene-by-scene recreation of an iconic '90s flashmob, plenty of zingy one-liners, a crew of sassy friends, lots of LOLs, and all the feels on the way to a heartwarming HEA.

Big is the second book in the 99 Daddies series. Each book in the series will contain overlapping characters and storylines, so you may enjoy them more by reading them in order.

♥♥♥ 99 DADDIES
99 Daddies is a hilarious, entertaining, and heartwarming contemporary/new adult Daddy-lite MM romance series.

Escape to Daylesford, the (fictional) Daddy capital of America. If you love steamy and complex Daddy/boy dynamics, May-December gay romances with a twist, sweet and sassy MM age gap romances—and chasing those guaranteed HEAs—you’ll love it here.

So come along and meet the 99 Daddies of Daylesford. Who will be YOUR favorite? 

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I received this book for free from Gay Romance Reviews in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Okay so Big was just as good if not better than the first book in the series! I was so happy to see many of the characters from First throughout the book.

In Big there is a game of trying to catch Nick. Steel has it all money, a stable job, and a beautiful home. But Steel want’s Nick because he has a true connection with him. But Nick has some preconceived notions at about Steel that are holding him back.

Nick is proud of himself and works hard to support himself and his grandparents that raised him. Even if that means he must work three to four jobs, he will do anything for them. That also means buying cakes from their bakery for some erotic dancing and smashing.

I felt that was a good balance of give and take in Big. Nick does not make it easy for Steel to catch him. Even once Nick and Steel get together there nothing everything is perfect. But that honestly comes down to a miscommunication or lack thereof.

I really enjoyed reading Big and the chemistry between Nick and Steel. I felt that I really got to know both characters better because of the writing style and alternating chapters. Overall Big was a fast read and I recommend you read it after reading First to get the full picture. I cannot wait for the next book in the series!

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