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First caught my attention immediately and kept it the entire time I was reading. The whole daddy/boy dynamic really fit Stirling and Mikey and it was well explained throughout the book. Of course, not everything goes as planned but that just adds to the enjoyability of the book as a whole.

The amount of kink and sex was very light in First which makes the book become more available to a wider audience. But there was enough there that added to the plot without going overboard and actually made sense as to why it was added. Mikey is all about being a boy while Sterling has never been a daddy before and for him it is a big dynamic switch.

The differences between Sterling and Mikey are abundant. As seen in Mikey’s chapters he does love to talk and does a lot of thinking. Sterling is more along the quieter side. This shows a lot throughout his chapters of the book.

Both Mikey and Sterling’s characters are very well developed. They act and most importantly feel real. Everything about the setting of the scenes enriches each part of the plot instead of distracting from it. This all showed that the author wanted to draw more to Mike and Sterling instead of adding “background noise”.

Overall I really enjoyed reading First. It was a quick read for me and like I mentioned earlier kept my attention. I liked that Mikey and Sterling have to work to start a relationship instead of instantly becoming a couple. That really added to the real-life aspect of the book. This was the first book in a new series and I look forward to seeing what other books are going to be added in the future.

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