Forbidden is my very first Beverly Jenkins novel and it won't be my last! I have not been reading a lot of historical romance novels in the last couple of years so I am hoping this will restart my love for historicals!

I did not know what to expect when I started reading Forbidden. I literally went to this book blind and I love discovering all the surprises.

What really stood out to me is Eddy! She is an amazing heroine and basically a Boss! She did everything she could to achieve her dreams and also did not compromise her dreams for the man she loved.

Eddy and Rhine's romance was so subtle that it stole my heart when they finally admitted their feelings to each other. I love how subtle it was, their conversations were so well done that I really believed how Eddy and Rhine could have fallen for each other and ultimately fell in love.

Let's talk about Rhine. I love the sacrifices he made so that he could marry Eddy. Despite all his fears and the reason he chose to be White Passing was understandable, and giving that up showed that not only did he love Eddy, but he had also come to terms with his heritage and the experiences that he had gone through when he was a slave growing up.

One surprise that I love about this book is the appearance of Eddy's nieces! They get their own book in this trilogy, too!

Forbidden is in the third person, but mostly in Eddy's POV. The audiobook is narrated by Kim Staunton and I loved her narration. Her tone and cadence were perfect for me and I did not have to speed up the audio. (As a side note, I am not one of those who listen to audiobooks at 2x or more speeds. I can't listen to superfast speeds).

I'm a huge audiobook listener and I recommend the audiobook.

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