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I listened to the audiobook and it did not help me understand the whole shifter/wolf world. This is a new to me shifter/wolf world and I really needed to understand the whole thing. But the audio was not helpful. There is a lot of legend and telling about the world but my gripe about this book is that I had a hard time differentiating when they shift into wolf and when they shift into human. I'm not sure if it would have been better if I read it instead of listening to the audio.

I read a lot of positive reviews for this book, so I wanted to read this for myself. I'm not sure if I am reading the same book or if the audiobook contributed to my confusion.

The conflict was also meh for me. When Silver found out the true purpose of Ty's purpose, her reaction was... nothing? Especially since her fears were confirmed.

Overall, I was just sooooo confused.

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