Gender Setting: New Agendas for Media Monitoring and Advocacy

by Margaret Gallagher

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In an age of global information structures, what scope exists for independent citizen action in media and cultural policy formation? How can audiences effectively voice critiques of media content? In an increasingly market-centred and consumer-oriented media world, what is the potential for monitoring, lobbying and advocacy?

This book argues that despite the breakdown of traditional patterns of regulation, there is a role for local action to promote diversity in the media. Focusing on media portrayals of gender, more particularly the media’s role in reproducing and reinforcing patterns of discrimination against women in society, the book aims to unify the hitherto disparate strands of academic research and feminist activism in the form of gender media monitoring aimed at policy critique and practical change.

Research findings and monitoring experiences from both North and South are brought together to demonstrate how, with varying levels of resources and expertise, women’s groups have developed monitoring models that can be effective in widely different media contexts. Drawn from countries as diverse as Canada, India, Spain, Jamaica, Australia and South Africa, these approaches will have lessons for everyone concerned about media democracy and diversity in the new information age.
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