Nyphron Rising (Riyria Revelations, Book 2, Part 1)

by Michael J. Sullivan

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Book cover for Nyphron Rising

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A Puppet is Crowned. The True Heir Remains Hidden. A Rogue's Secret Could Change Everything. War has come to Melengar and to save her kingdom, Princess Arista runs a desperate gamble when she defies her brother and hires Royce and Hadrian for a dangerous mission. As the power of the Nyphron Empire grows, so does Royce's suspicion that the wizard Esrahaddon is using the thieves as pawns in his own game. To find the truth, he must unravel the secret of Hadrian's past...what he discovers could change the future for all of Elan.
  • ISBN10 0979621143
  • ISBN13 9780979621147
  • Publish Date 17 September 2009
  • Publish Status Unknown
  • Publish Country US
  • Imprint Ridan Publishing
  • Format Paperback (US Trade)
  • Pages 364
  • Language English