Tales of Padre Pio: The Friar of San Giovanni

by John McCaffery

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Inspiring stories of Padre Pio's miracles, clairvoyance and bi-location.

Capuchin monk and spiritual leader, Padre Pio (1887-1968), is known and venerated throughout the world. Drawn by his stigmata (bodily wounds similar to those of the crucified Christ) and by his extraordinary powers of spiritual and physical healing, literally millions of people have made their way to his little monastery in Italy from every corner of the globe.

Tales of Padre Pio is a collection of first-hand accounts of various meetings with this humble and holy friar. Driven by curiosity and a bit of skepticism, the author first sought out Padre Pio some forty years ago and soon became a fervent disciple. Convinced of the man's saintliness, he remained a close confidant until Pio's death. As fascinating and inspiring as these stories are, they represent just a small portion of the countless miracles attributed to Pio. "The full extent of his authentic miracles will, however, never be known," the author reminds us. "But the example and spiritual splendor of his life," McCaffery continues, "is there for all to see. And that life, his attributes, and those works which we know constitute a tremendous rebuttal of all the blind and stupidly presumptuous godlessness of our present age."

This book is a most distinguished addition to the Image line and will be warmly welcomed for the spiritual riches it contains. In addition, students of ESP and mystical phenomena will find Tales of Padre Pio especially provocative, stimulating, and truly captivating.
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  • Publish Date 1 March 1995 (first published 1 January 1979)
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