Born amid the mystique of the Appalachian Mountains in Southwestern Virginia, Timothy Swiney's childhood was painted with rugged exploration and vivid imagination. Enthralled by tales of valor and enchantment, he carried these dreams into adulthood.His lineage rooted in Scottish and Irish ancestry, he cultivated a passion for old-world myths. As a dedicated father, he whisked his family to Uruguay to nurture their adventurous spirits. Amid a fulfilling medical career, the spark of storytelling persisted until he embraced it fully.With four books and seven award-winning screenplays, Timothy's creative odyssey thrives. "Tales from the Faerieverse" weaves ancient folklore into a tapestry of wonder. Based in Atlanta yet often drawn to the Virginia mountains, he continues to channel inspiration into his evocative prose.
Sep 18, 2023
Cover of Into the Between

Into the Between

Feb 16, 2020
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Baby Mine

Sep 7, 2017
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The Between