The Desert Store Series. In Book One, Mama and Geena escape a small northern town and end up at a desert store in New Mexico. But this is not an ordinary store. It sits on a vortex of energy. The store was a church that stood for over 100 years before Cowboy Johnson bought and renovated it into a gas station-store. Mama and Geena have found their new home. Changing their names, they move in to the back of the store. Soon more misfits move in. Scarred loners joined together, they begin developing love and respect for each other. The Desert Store Series is filled with fascinating, quirky characters. Cowboy Johnson, William The Dude, Normaine, Eddy and his three Mafia sisters. Emma and Ray. Bud Spinner, Andy and Ben show up in book three. I began following them and the new characters whose lives intertwined with them at the desert store. I followed them closely through books four and five, wondering who would be next to present an unexpected dimension of life and love to explore. Book Six, Manfred's Folly-Timmon's Legacy, is the first in the series to be published by Mystic Canyon Press.